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The ethos at Karmaloop is a bit of a puzzle. The founder talks about ending the reign of McFashion empires; of destroying the tyranny of clothing companies that make clones of consumers. Then they offer “trending” styles and numerous familiar designs.

A visit to their website will have an underground feel to it, but in part that is because this is street wear which is a little bit grungy and inappropriate no matter who makes and markets it. It tends to be found in dark places by default.

Karmaloop.com Coupon Codes For 2015

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The Story – Karmaloop Coupon Code

karmaloop.com coupon codesGreg Selkoe, started the business at his supportive parents’ house. It did not stay there long because the company outgrew these premises and started moving around.

Selkoe began by offering clothes online and continues to do that but with offices all over the United States and more than a hundred employees of an age where they are able to appreciate youthful fashion.

His employees “live” what they sell according to the “About Us” page, so it’s not like they are yuppies selling clothes for skate boarders. That would be hypocritical, something Selkoe seems adamant about avoiding.

But you can’t be completely original in the fashion world by default; not unless each item was a unique, one-off item and you did not take any inspiration from anybody, which would be impossible. The trouble with defying any system is that if a lot of other people are doing the same thing, you stop looking defiant and appear to be following the direction of the stream.

Besides, this is not a brand. The shop sells stuff you see elsewhere. The big difference here is that many brands following a similar line of thought are grouped together under one banner.

They carry clothing, accessories, and some home-and-tech items for men and women living an alternative, even rebellious lifestyle you might say. Unless you work at a vape store, board shop, or some other location geared at people who love tattoos and multiple piercings, you would not wear these clothes to work. You can save money on all products by simply using any coupon code that we provide you.

Karmaloop Coupon Codes & Trends

So what will you find here?

There is an abundance of skulls, torn fabric (more torn than the usual trendy hole-in-the-knee jeans you might be used to), and many instances of foul language. The website alone should come with a warning as there are suggestive images and plenty of swearing or near-swearing. Again, our Karmaloop coupon codes will save money on any of these products.

Numerous times women are shown in provocative poses. In this way, grungy street wear mimics the prevalent objectification of women in modern clothing. They could have done something so much better using their new platform.

If it was just grungy, that would be no big deal, but street clothing has gone beyond grunge to become aggressive; in your face. It’s like youth of a certain frame of mind has become so dissatisfied with fashion trends and society that they want to frame one big middle finger at the powers that be, using their clothing as a symbol.

Dog collars, spikes, and symbols of death are not new however. They have been around in the fashion world for a long time. There will always be a group among youth which exerts power by wearing clothes that make grannies cringe.

Karmaloop Coupon Code & Brands

This is not a discount web page although there are sale items around if you look for them. Brands sold here include Adidas, 10 Deep, RVCA, Nixon, Civil, Vans, Tripp NYC, Herschel Supply, Elwood, and LRG.

There are several headings: one is for members only. Another is for skate clothes. Then there is the market place. Selkoe’s purpose seems to be bringing a lot of items in similar fashion categories together for ease of shopping.

Coupon Codes & Products

When they talk about accessories, this company is not kidding. Besides t-shirts, pants, hats, and jewelry, they sell bicycles and duvets. Buy books about street fashion if you are interested in learning about the industry; for all of these you can use our Karmaloop.com discount codes to help save money.

Vaporizers are big business at Karma Loop. What better way to defy your parents and the world at large than by smoking dope? You can do this discretely or not so discretely by ordering an artistically decorated (that is, obvious) G Pen from Grenco Science or one of their more incognito black items.

Of course, lots of people smoke these things as an alternative to cigarettes, but we all know that many consumers are stuffing them with marijuana, legal or not. At least they have selected a brand of vaporizer known for high-quality and reliable performance.

Rep Team, TV, and More About Karmaloop Coupon Codes

The website is filled with information but it is well organized, not cluttered. Find out about becoming part of the Rep Team, which just means Affiliates; people who make money by promoting the brand. There are links to social media where you will discover contests and learn if anything new is about to happen with the company. Visit their FAQ section, and before checking out you better use the promo codes we provide for Karmaloop products.

Karmaloop joins many other commercial categories by having its own TV channel. Watch presenters talk about fashion and the company or read their blogs for information about the industry: people to watch and trends on the move.

Find out which products and brands are trending and discover top labels. Brands are organized under men’s and women’s fashions and also alphabetized to make searching easy if you already have some names in the back of your mind. Although this is rebellion in the fashion world, it is a well-organized rebellion performed with a skillful hand and an eye for what alternative consumers in their late teens to early 30s could be looking for. Just remember that our coupon codes are the best possible discounts available for any Karmaloop.com products you purchase.

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